Lyra Reviews Books!: CatStronauts Slapdash Science

Lyra Reviews Books!: CatStronauts Slapdash Science

On this installment of Lyra Reviews Books! resident reader and model, Lyra, reviews...

Title: CatStronauts Splashdash Science


Author & Illustrator:  Drew Brockington


Plot Overview

The CatStronauts go on a mission! They try to grow plants but then the water pipe breaks and they are surrounded by water! Meanwhile the crew at CATSUB are away on 'team-building retreat'. While they are gone the worlds best scientist is having a secret vacation so he does not answer when the CatStronauts call for help!


Favorite Character

Waffles, but I really like ALL the characters!


Because he is so funny like on the back it says "The CatStronauts are in a real pickle!" and he says "Mmm... Pickles"


What Was Your Favorite Scene?

When flight director Maisy leaves for vacation and chooses some one to fill in for her. She pulls a name out of the bowl and in the next section it shows the back of the bowl and all the paper says is all the same name!


Because it is all the same name even though there are way more then 5 workers!


What is something you really enjoyed about the book?

I really enjoyed how funny it is!


What do you think should happen next in the story?

A satellite breaks and the CatStronauts go to fix it.


What are your reading next?

The Many Mysteries Of The Finkel Family by Sarah Kapit


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