Lyra Reviews Books!:The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan

Lyra Reviews Books!:The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan

Join us for a new series, "Lyra Reviews Books!" where resident kid, model, and reading enthusiast Lyra Morgan will review books that are great for kids!

The first installment is for The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan (find it HERE or at your local bookstore/library)

Title: The Land of Roar
Author: Jenny McLachlan
Illustrator: Ben Mantle
Plot Overview
There are two twins named Rose and Arther. One summer their grandad goes missing! Arther thinks his arch enemy, Crocky, stole him! They have to get him back because he is allergic to feathers and Crocky has wings!
Favorite Character
Rose Trout
Because she is just like me! Not scared of anything except the dark.
What Was Your Favorite Scene?
When Arthur and his ninja wizard friend Wininja are going to die then Rose swops out of now where on a dragon and rescues them!
Because my favorite character flies in on a DRAGON
What is something you really enjoyed about the book?
I just enjoyed reading it! I like the characters and it was a little scary but in an adventurous way. If you like Wings of Fire books. you'll enjoy this! 
What do you think should happen next in the story?
Win appers at school and wiskes them back to Roar.
(Book 2: The Return to Roar was just released!! Find it HERE or at your local bookstore/library)
What are your reading next?

Unicorn Bowling By Dana Simpson

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