About Us

Vivi aims to elevate children’s wear to a realm of thought-provoking, creatively classic, and everlasting design, while fostering discovery, acceptance, and expression of self.  

Vivi’s goals are to open children’s fashion to a more emotionally connected, intelligent, and artistic environment that allows healthy self-exploration and expression. Our vision is to have children fashioned in the magic of character.

We love stories-- what’s yours?



At Vivi Design Studio, we support children of any race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.


We start with design and create many of our pieces to be gender neutral without being creatively compromised. We showcase pieces on both boys and girls, and are currently seeking additional gender identities and expressions to model for us.

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Vivi Design Studio was created as an homage to designer Claire Thomas-Morgan’s grandmother, Vivian, who taught her all about living life not only fashionably, but fully. 

 The brand was started as a way to help empower children through fashion, helping them create their own characters as they discover themselves. 

Vivi Design Studio is known for... Unique prints and fabrics. Sophisticated silhouettes and creative takes on classic pieces. Quality construction.

Every garment is made locally in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Launched in 2014 with 4 toddler dresses
Updated to Vivi Design Studio in 2015 with 12 made-to-order styles in 40 colors
Martha Stewart American Made Style Finalist, 2014-2015
Custom H-Logo Dress for Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky (Hilary Clinton’s granddaughter), 2016
Relaunch of Vivi Design Studio in 2018 with girls and boys, collection based seasons, and expanded sizing
Fashion Anarchy round 2 and finale winner, 2020
Runway Shows:
Omaha Fashion Week (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022)
Kansas City Fashion Week (Fall 2020)




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