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Today is the official launch of our new blog, FUTURE DREAMERS. 

FUTURE DREAMERS will discuss...

  • Mental health 
  • LGBTQ+
  • Beauty and fashion trends
  • Styling
  • Interviews with inspiring kids, artists, musicians, and more
  • Crafts, recipes, and DIY


At FUTURE DREAMERS we are looking ahead at what the next important topics, issues, trends, and activities in children's lives are. 

Now, take a moment to get to know Caila, the author of many of our first posts.

Hi there! My name is Caila Parks, and I am a recent Stephens College graduate with a B.S. in Fashion Marketing and Management with an emphasis on Fashion Design and Product Development. Some accomplishments that I have involve winning a $5,000 scholarship from the Fashion Scholarship Fund, collaborating on making a kid's collection with my senior colleague and best friend Kate Kitchel, and completing a business plan on a startup sewing pattern company “Delphinium Patterns” where customers interested in the Japanese street style Lolita can learn, create, and connect in a safe and inclusive environment. One other fun accomplishment I am proud of is when I volunteered to help with the Live Window even in downtown Columbia, MO. I oversaw figuring out the theme of the live window and being involved within the window for kids and families to walk downtown and have fun with the moving windows. Judges were present and our store won 1st place! How exciting! But I would say my favorite accomplishment is my first ever children’s dress I made my first year of college. I had no clue how to sew going into college, and my first garment is my greatest accomplishment of going into fashion design. 

I have the want to do anything and everything in the world. Believe it or not I even have spent a good portion of my life with the dream of being in the circus. That mostly comes from my background as a gymnast, and I may or may not still hold that aspiration. Who am I is a difficult question, but I can tell you that I am the middle of 5 children and have the most amazing mom and siblings I could ever wish for. I was born in Texas, but the military brought my family to Hawaii where I grew up. It was there in Hawaii where I learned my love for fashion through various things. Hawaii introduced me to many different cultures that inspired my spark for alternative fashions. Now I live in Florida, and I strive to become a designer that can provide the world with unique, alternative, and playful designs. I want my garments to match the stylistic identity of each individual so that every customer can use their creativity in piecing together what makes them feel confident in expressing themselves inside and out. It is my belief that alternative fashion is where creativity and individuality thrive.



We'll be posting new content every Sunday! We look forward to having you read along with us, and let us know if there's any topics you'd love to read about!

Stay Awesome! 

The Vivi Design Studio Team

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