Omaha Fashion Week Recap

Omaha Fashion Week Recap

Last week, we had the awesome experience of showing our AW21 collection on the runway! This is our fifth season doing their shows, and every show is a blast!

The process for Omaha Fashion Week starts in the spring with applications. If you application is accepted, you move on to an interview round. You have a quick 10 minutes to sell the panelists on your brand and collection! After that, you find out if you've been selected to show and get going!

Showing on the runway involves lots of different elements. Model selections, styling, hair and makeup looks, music selections, and picking a video for the LED wall. Everything comes together for the final presentation of the collection vision.

Get a peek behind the curtain at our selections and process:

Hair & Makeup Inspiration




OFW also creates a preview video to introduce the collection:


And here's the final runway! (Vivi starts at 1:18:00)



To find out more about Omaha Fashion Week, visit their website: 

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